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Augmented street signs in Hanover

Discover the new dimension of Hanover - augmented street signs bring the city's history to life! In an exciting combination of technology and history, the "Augmented street signs" project is entering its second phase.

After a successful launch in 2023, when Hanover presented this globally unique showcase project, the expansion is now coming: 14 new augmented reality works transform street signs in the city centre into interactive history books.

Interested parties can access the AR content directly from their smartphone using QR codes attached to the relevant street signs. The intuitive handling does not require an additional app, but uses the browser to display the content.

Project results from 2023

The 18 works from the 2023 pilot phase can be found in the districts of Linden, Nordstadt, Mitte and List and can still be used. More information can also be found at www.Visit-Hannover.com/augmented-straßenschilder

How the augmented road signs work

In the immediate vicinity of the virtual artworks, mainly on the street signs, there are signs with a brief explanation and the QR codes for the respective project:

Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone

All applications are web-based and work via the smartphone browser. No additional app is required.


On the website www.arstrassenschilder.de you can take a look at the contributions. But of course it's more fun to do it in person. So you can explore our city in a way you've never seen it before!

City tour

Corresponding guided tours are planned from May, further information will follow shortly.

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