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Livealife (Poland)

Livealife Website

The two video bloggers Marcin and Martyna visited Hanover and explored the city from a slightly different perspective - stay tuned! They were out and about at the Maschsee lake, on the dome of the New Town Hall, in the Herrenhausen Gardens and even at the Steinhuder Meer. They captured their impressions on video. [...]

Mamsatwork.nl (Netherlands)

Mams at Work Website

Joyce travels a lot with her family and explores different cities and regions around the world. The blog is all about being able to fully combine her private life with her family. Joyce is a working mum and loves travelling. She tries as best she can to balance her family life with [...]

Justyentl (Belgium)

Justyentl Website

Yentl is an enthusiastic travel blogger and journalist. For her, every trip is like a kind of diary in which she writes down and records all her experiences and adventures. Yentl visited Hanover in September 2016 and reports on the history of the state capital Hanover. She also writes about the many different sights in the city that she [...]

Urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar (Finland)

Urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar Website

Laura from Finland visited Hanover and reports on her experiences in the city. When Laura visited Hanover, she was out and about in Linden and Herrenhausen and took a close look at the different neighbourhoods. Click here for the blog post: www.urbaaniviidakkoseikkailijatar.fi

Travellifestyle (Netherlands)

Travellifestyle Website

Michelle has already seen a lot of the world and reports on her blog about her stays abroad and short trips and invites you to dream along with her. For Michelle, it's not about having as many stamps as possible in her passport, it's about the many experiences and moments you have when travelling and about [...]

Håndbagage (Belgium)

Belgische Website

Belgian travel blogger Sam De Bruyn was a guest in Hanover - and was delighted with our wonderful home city! He loves travelling to new cities and getting to know them from their most beautiful sides. Sam is one of the most important travel bloggers in Belgium and a very well-known radio presenter. He is a great friend of those cities that [...]

Wandertooth (Canada)

Wandertooth Hannover

Geoff and Katie are from Canada and are so drawn to travelling that they have taken some unusual measures. The pair quit their previous jobs, sold all their belongings and set off to discover the world. Now they live nomadically and travel the world. Their blog changed their lives. [...]

travelboulevard (Belgium)

Belgische Website

Nina visited Hanover and reports on her experiences in the city and at the International Fireworks Competition. The blog is about personal travelling experiences and proving that it is possible to travel the world and see beautiful places, even if you don't have the opportunity to be on the road around the clock [...].

Beauty Butterflies

Beauty Butterflies

Beauty Butterflies is a German lifestyle blog from Hanover that focuses on the city of Hanover as well as beauty, food, travel, photography, fitness and fashion. Claudia is a Hanoverian blogger who started her blog "Beauty Butterflies" in January 2010 and since then has regularly published blog posts on various lifestyle topics, with over 2,600 posts [...]

Faye Pynaert (Belgium)


Faye von Faye Pynaert comes from Belgium and is a freelance photographer and travel reporter. She teaches image technology at the Luca School of Arts in Brussels and enjoys travelling in foreign cities in her free time. Faye visited Hanover during the Christmas period and comes from marvelling and admiring the many lights in the [...]

Über die Blogs

Viele Blogger waren schon zu Besuch in Hannover und zeigen euch auf ihren Blogs ihre Lieblingsorte in der Stadt. Urige Bars und Kneipen, versteckte Ecken, außergewöhnliche Graffitikunst, Szeneclubs, besondere Restaurants, Orte zum Verweilen und Erholen, Shoppingtipps, Fotospots…All dieses findet ihr in den Beiträgen der deutschen und internationalen Blogger, die schon zu Gast in Hannover waren. Doch […]



Lynn was born in Hanover and is a travel blogger from the north of Germany. She loves taking photos, backpacking around the world and travelling near and far. Lynn loves to be free. She chose her blog name because the "Lieschenradieschen" in the children's book of the same name has a mind of her own and doesn't want to do what [...]