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Wandertooth (Canada) "The Red Thread is a brilliant idea, and I wish more cities would adopt it. It's actually a painted red line in Hannover's city centre that will take you past 36 of the city's best attractions. At each attraction, there's a number painted on the thread that corresponds to a number in Hannover [...]

Beauty Butterflies

Beauty Butterflies

Beauty Butterflies is a German lifestyle blog from Hanover that focuses on the city of Hanover as well as beauty, food, travel, photography, fitness and fashion. Claudia is a Hanoverian blogger who started her blog "Beauty Butterflies" in January 2010 and since then has regularly published blog posts on various lifestyle topics, with over 2,600 posts [...]



Lynn was born in Hanover and is a travel blogger from the north of Germany. She loves taking photos, backpacking around the world and travelling near and far. Lynn loves to be free. She chose her blog name because the "Lieschenradieschen" in the children's book of the same name has a mind of her own and doesn't want to do what [...]


Sunnyside2go Website

Luisa from Hanover is a photography-loving traveller who is always on the lookout for beautiful places around the world. Sunnyside2go is a travel blog and photography blog. Luisa's aim with her blog is to inspire people for the world of photography and provide inspiration for future trips. She shares interesting facts about travelling, tips for different destinations and also [...]


Hostelmax Website

Max is a mobile travel consultant and enthusiastic blogger who enjoys spending time in nature and in hotels around the world. On the blog, he reports on his day trips, weekend breaks and other travels as well as the hotels he stays in. He shows you well-known sights and regional insider tips. Max is also a hotel blogger, as [...]


About cities Website

People from 16 cities in Lower Saxony and Bremerhaven who share at least one passion are blogging here: curiosity about "their" city, its hidden corners, stories, peculiarities and novelties. Relaxed, tolerant, unagitated - this is the best way to describe the attitude to life in the state capital. You will find plenty of metropolitan flair in the city centre. Click here for the blog post: www.aboutcities.de  


family4travel Website

Lena went on a weekend trip to the Herrenhausen Gardens with her family and was enchanted by the baroque gardens. She was at the Herrenhausen Gardens with her sons the day before Barack Obama visited Hanover. She describes the history and background of the baroque gardens on her blog. Click here [...]

Happy Hanover

Happy Hannover

Happy Hannover is run by the team at the PelikanViertel guest residence. "Sherlock's" personal background to blogging on Happy Hannover: to "tell" a little about what makes Hannover tick, what there is to discover here and why it is a great place to live and stay. Here you can get the best tips on Hanover and the surrounding area. Here goes [...]

Hey Hanover

Hey Hannover Website

Hey Hannover is a German lifestyle blog run by Alexa and Daniel. The two are the founders of Hey Hannover and have their home in Hanover. Alexa and Daniel write about Hanover on their blog, more specifically about their favourite places in Hanover. They love discovering new cafés, restaurants and shops away from the pedestrian zone. [...]

Living in Hanover

Leben in Hannover

Hanoverians write here for Hanoverians. Find out more about life in Hanover. There are many interesting articles about restaurants, lifestyle and the numerous events in the beautiful city on the Leine. Click here for the blog post: www.leben-in-hannover.net


Hannover Life

This blog is a lifestyle blog created by Theresa Hein. She lives in Hanover herself and is passionate about her hometown. Theresa loves to bring people a little closer to Hanover and show them the many beautiful sides of Hanover. Her blog HannoverLife focusses on lifestyle topics such as food and [...]