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IdeenExpo - hands-on exhibits

The IdeenExpo in Hanover is not only one of the largest technology and science fairs in Europe, but also an interactive paradise for young explorers. From 8 to 16 June 2024, the exhibition grounds will be transformed into a gigantic playground where you can experience over 800 hands-on exhibits. This is where science comes alive and becomes tangible!

Highlights of the hands-on exhibits

Experiment and discover

  • Experience physics liveTry out exciting physics experiments for yourself and understand how the forces of nature work. Whether gravity, magnetism or electricity - here you can experience everything up close.
  • Chemical reactionsBe there when chemicals react with each other in fascinating experiments. You can try out for yourself how colourful and explosive reactions are created from inconspicuous substances.

Technology you can touch

  • Robotics and programmingBuild your own robots and teach them tricks! Learn the basics of programming and see your creations come to life.
  • Virtual realityImmerse yourself in virtual worlds and experience how VR technology works. Here you can go on virtual journeys, play games or test technical applications.

Innovative technologies

  • 3D printingLet us show you how 3D printers work and design your own small models. You'll be amazed at how digital designs can be turned into real objects.
  • Renewable energiesResearches how solar, wind and hydroelectric power stations work and how we can use renewable energies to protect our environment.

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