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The deister

The deister

20 km south-west of Hanover in the Calenberg country is the perfect spot for a day trip to the Cyclist and hikers.

The journey is the destination! Up to an altitude of 405 metres, there is plenty to see here: imposing manor houses, beautiful village churches and historical treasures along the way. The towns of Barsinghausen and Wennigsen are known for their culturally and historically significant Monasteries. And last but not least, the traces of coal mining provide an informative change of pace. If you want to find out more about the local animal species, the best place to go is the Bison enclosure jump - ideal for a trip to the Deister with children of all ages. But sports enthusiasts won't miss out either. Hikers and Cyclist love this green paradise especially because of the varied slopes and hilltops covered in enchanted mixed deciduous forest. In snowy winters, tobogganing, cross-country skiing and even downhill skiing are possible here.

Hiking paradise in the Calenberger Land

The Deister characterises the silhouette of the Calenberg region in an unmissable way. It's logical that you want to take a closer look, and conveniently, the Deister can also be easily reached without a car.

With the S-Bahn or bus, you are quickly in the middle of the forest and ready for a tour. The varied landscape offers a suitable route for every hiker, regardless of age or ability. You can fortify yourself in one of the many Restaurants or you can use one of the many clearings for a picnic along the way.

The excursion is completed with the Deister hiking pass. Whether on a walk in the woods or a challenging day tour - you have to have been to all twelve official stamping points to get your hands on the Deister hiking pin. The perfect souvenir of many wonderful memories and at the same time recognition for hiking endeavours large and small. The hiking pass is available free of charge at all tourist information centres around the Deister and at the Tourist Information in Hanover.

Von einem Aussichtspunkt mit Bank Blickt man vom Deister aus in das Calenberger Land. Man sieht vor allem grüne und hügelige Weiten mit blauem Himmel
Christian Wyrwa

Cycling with a view

Get on the saddle! The Deister is a wonderful place to explore by bike and enjoy the panorama.

If you don't want to cycle off on your own, you are spoilt for choice. There are now numerous (Theme) routesto get to know this beautiful recreational area. One of them is the approximately 80 km long route "Deister roundabout". The signposted route connects the towns of Springe, Wennigsen, Barsinghausen, Bad Nenndorf, Rodenberg and Bad Münder. So that cyclists of all abilities can enjoy the tour, the circular route has been divided into roughly four sections of equal length. The sections are easily accessible by bus and train, so that the "Deisterkreisel" can also be explored in stages.

Die Kleidung der Bergleute aus Barsinghausen, wird unter die Decke der Zeche gezogen. Als Besucher schaut man von unten auf die blaue Arbeitskleidung die ganz weit über den Köpfen hängt.
Lars Gerhardts
Underground in Barsinghausen

Yes, you can visit a mine in the Hanover region! Mining in the Deister has a long history, but has declined over the years.

Some of the disused mines can be visited, including the Monastery gallery in Barsinghausen. During the tour and mine trip, you will learn all about the life of the miners and the dangers that lurked underground every day. Coal was taken out of the mine here at a constant 9°C and high humidity and transported to Hanover on the wagons of tram line 10. The mine is open to visitors all year round from Monday to Saturday; all you have to do is make an appointment for the mine tour before your visit.

Eine Familie
Christian Wyrwa
Water veins in Wennigsen

The Wennigs water wheels in the Deister have been a well-known attraction since 1957.

There are 20 miniature mills along a 100 metre-long path, powered by the energy of the water. The colourful water mills are particularly fascinating for children. Admission is free, but donations to support the community of hobbyists are welcome. The water wheels are accessible from April to October and can be reached via the Wennigsen Waldkater car park. A 3 km long, family-friendly route leads to the water wheels. Free brochures with route descriptions are available from tourist information centres and at Ernst-August-Platz in Hanover.

Bunte Wasserräder stehen hintereinander auf einem Hang im Deister. Die einzelnen Räder sind unterschiedlich und liebevoll gebastelt und aus verschiedenen Materialien.
Christian Wyrwa
Annual highlight Deistertag

For some years now, the Deistertag with the municipalities bordering the Deister. 

Visitors can look forward to special hiking and cycling tours, sightseeing and live music. The best mixture of experience, information and excitement in nature awaits the participants. The municipalities of Bad Münder, Bad Nenndorf, Barsinghausen, Rodenberg, Springe and Wennigsen present a varied programme throughout the day.

Mitten im Deister steht ein hölzerner Wegweiser, der in Richtung Nienstedt und Barsinghausen zeigt. Im Hintergrund liegen aufgestapelte Baumstämme und die Sonne scheint durch das Laub der Bäume.
Christian Wyrwa
Easily accessible

The S-Bahn lines S1, S2 and S5 make it easy to reach the Deister from Hanover.

Many stops and railway stations below the mountain range are ideal starting points for hikes, walks and excursions. Cycling tours. There are even five elaborated routesincluding start and end stops.

Cover picture ©Christian Wyrwa

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Der Deister umfasst die Kommunen Bad Münder, Bad Nenndorf, Barsinghausen, Rodenberg, Springe und Wennigsen.

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There are no opening hours at this location. A visit is possible at any time.