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Geo adventure trail

Moving stones - the geo adventure trail

A fascinating mix of nature, science and design awaits you to the north of Hanover. At Brelinger Berg, you can immerse yourself in the traces of the Ice Age.

Huge glaciers pushed impressive boulders from the land of Pippi Longstocking into the picturesque Wedemark region - hence the apt name "Moving Stones". These gigantic glaciers from Småland - not the one from the Swedish furniture store, but the region in Sweden - travelled an incredible 600 km until they reached the gates of Hanover by ice mail. The geo adventure trail tells its story at eleven stations with playful elements designed by regional artists. An educational walk!

©Ewald Nagel
©Ewald Nagel









Around the 5.5 km long Circular route you should allow a good two hours for the tour. You can start from Bennemühlen cemetery, Oegenbostel or Marktstraße in Brelingen. For those who would like to delve deeper into the topic, we recommend a guided tour led by an experienced geologist or palaeontologist. Guided tours are offered from March to October.

Whether "Geopfad Komplett" for adults interested in geology or the family-friendly tours "Geohits für Kids", "Ralley für Kids - Mitmachführung für Familien" or completely individual tours for children's birthday parties, school classes or family days, the range of topics and approaches is broad. The scenic tour "With Friedrich Gauss on Brelinger Berg" is always a special highlight: Here you can experience the famous mathematician in dialogue with a student at various stations and learn a lot about the surveying of the North German Plain, for which Brelinger Berg provided the reference point. The current dates are here to find.

The idyllic landscape on Brelinger Berg, through which the geological adventure trail leads, invites you to enjoy nature and learn interesting facts about geological events. A great experience for anyone interested in the impressive history of our planet.

Cover picture ©Lars Gerhardts

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Am Hügel
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