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Kiosk on Königsworther Straße

A bench for the walking public

The colourful bags are already pre-packed. But you can also put together your own selection of sweet treats. Otherwise, the small sales area on Königsworther Straße is filled with typical kiosk sundries: lottery tickets, ice cream, juice, chocolate, crisps, pilsner and all Somersby varieties. You can also buy liqueurs, shots and fresh whole milk on the border between Calenberger Neustadt and Linden Nord.

In front of the colourful window display, a bench invites you to drink a beer and have a little small talk on the spot. The advantage here: When the bottle is empty, you can order a new one straight away.

Der Kiosk an der Königsworther Straße 32 nutzt das Laufpublikum
Christian Wyrwa

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This location is here:

Königsworther Straße 32
30167 Hannover

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