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The Maschsee is an artificial lake created in 1936. It owes its name to the area in which the lake was created - the Leinemasch. This is a low-lying floodplain of the Leine river.
The Maschsee was created for various reasons. In addition to damming the flood bed of the Ihme, the aim was to create a recreational area close to the city with water sports facilities.

Likewise, the construction of the Maschsee created additional jobs, which helped to curb the high unemployment.
With a total length of 2.4 kilometres and an area of 78 hectares, it is the largest body of water in Lower Saxony's state capital.
After a 6.0-kilometre route around the Maschsee was measured in 2005, it is a popular destination for many joggers and inline skaters.

A promenade with palm trees on the north shore, a restaurant with a view of the lake and a beer garden by the water - that's a touch of the South Seas. If you want to set sail, you'll find rowing boats and pedal boats for hire right away (maybe choose the swan, it looks great!). It's cosy on one of the Maschsee boats, which sail across the lake from Easter to October and moor at six places.

The Löwenbastion on the eastern shore is ideal for sitting and looking at the water. At Pier 51, a maritime pub, you can take sailing and surfing courses. And the south shore, with its lido, is the ideal spot to cool off in summer with a panoramic view of the New Town Hall and Hannover's inner city in general. Walking around the beloved lake or jogging, skating or cycling - that's also part of it. By the way, the Maschsee Festival is a great event around the lake in summer.

Maschsee: Maschsee Steg

Maschsee: Promenade

Active on, at and in the Maschsee

The Maschsee is known as a venue for regattas and other boat races, such as the annual Dragon Boat Raceas well as for many other water sports. At the height of the Sprengel Museum there is the Sailing & Yacht School Maschsee North incl. boat rental, furthermore a Sailing and yachting school at Altenbekener Damm next to a restaurant and café. On the opposite side are the boathouses of the canoe and paddle clubs and the town's school boathouse. In addition to sailing, rowing, pedal boating or surfing, you can also swim here: On the south shore lies the Maschsee lido.

Maschseefest: Celebrating by the lake

Maschsee: Maschseefest bei Nacht

One of the highlights of the festival season in Hannover is the annual Maschsee Festival. For almost three weeks, around two million visitors turn Hannover's most beautiful shore into a party and nightlife mile. Around the lake, art, live music, children's programmes and culinary diversity are on offer for everyone.

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