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New town hall

What many visitors to Hanover think is a castle is actually the New Town Hall: the magnificent Wilhelminian building from 1913 is today one of the landmarks of the Leine metropolis. "All paid for in cash, Your Majesty!" is what city director Heinrich Tramm proudly shouted to Kaiser Wilhelm II at the inauguration. The city had paid more than ten million marks for its representative city hall, built on 6,026 beech piles.

Hannover Living: Neues Rathaus von oben

Arched lift - unique worldwide

On the way up, you are first transported vertically and then upwards at an angle of 17 degrees. A window in the roof of the cabin offers the possibility to follow the ride up close. Another window in the floor of the cabin can be switched to transparent at the touch of a button - this promises a special thrill.

Once at the top, you can let your gaze wander over the state capital, the Maschsee or the Eilenriede and observe the hustle and bustle of the city. In good weather, the view extends as far as the Deister and sometimes even the peaks of the Harz Mountains can be made out! You should not miss this experience, because this kind of arched lift is unique in the world.

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