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Horse region around Hanover

Horse region around Hanover

Fantastic riding terrain, cosy half-timbered farms, a large number of riding clubs and businesses, plus sights and leisure activities - this is our Hanover horse region, right in the heartland of Hanoverian horse breeding.

Our municipalities Burgdorf, Burgwedel, Isernhagen, Langenhagen, Uetze and Wedemark all have one thing in common: they are horse-friendly towns and communities in which equestrian tourism is particularly favoured.

Clear your head on a horseback ride during the day and discover the countryside, and in the evening enjoy the Culture and Nightlife Hanover - the perfect city-country day, especially in combination with other Attractions in Hanover or our region. For example, how about a hike along the Moor adventure traila visit to the Experience zoo hanover or one City tour? There is guaranteed to be something for everyone, whether as a couple or in a group.


You can find all information about the horse region in the e-Magazines:

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Die Pferderegion umfasst die Kommunen Burgdorf, Burgwedel, Isernhagen, Langenhagen, Uetze und Wedemark.

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