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Four Seasons

All matches of the 2024 European Football Championship will be broadcast live in the Vier Jahreszeiten beer garden.


After the Four Seasons was rebuilt in 1985 based on a model from Berlin, the restaurant first became known in Hanover. The special feature: The Four Seasons is a combination of pub and restaurant, which means that the lower part of the restaurant resembles a pub and the upper part resembles a restaurant. This allows visitors to decide for themselves whether they want just drinks or a full meal.

The philosophy of the restaurant is to offer its guests special moments. The focus should be on personal contact between the service staff and the guests.

The Four Seasons Hannover was sold in 1992 and was reacquired by Gastro Trends der Hannover GmbH in 2018.

Whether you prefer a cool pilsner, a semi-dry white wine or a refreshing soft drink: in the beer garden of the Four Seasons restaurant Hanover Surrounded by the beautiful Eilenriede, no wishes remain unfulfilled. In the warmer months of the year, the beer garden offers the opportunity to enjoy the delicious dishes and the large selection of drinks from the Four Seasons in the countryside. The Four Seasons is centrally located on Hildesheimer Straße with a view of the historic Döhrener Turm and a stone's throw away from the Maschsee.

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