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Marienburg Castle: this is where the Maxton Hall series is set


Marienburg Castle: The heart of Maxton Hall

The Maxton Hall series by Mona Kasten has delighted readers all over the world and triggered a real hype with the Amazon Prime film adaptation.

The series is set in a luxurious boarding school and follows the emotional highs and lows of the protagonists. The Marienburg Castle in the Hanover region served as the backdrop for many scenes in the series and is a must-see for every fan.

Now fans can experience the fascinating world in which the series is set up close and personal by taking our digital 360° tour. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to visit the interior on site due to renovation work.


Hanover: The gateway to the world of Maxton Hall

The Hanover region, rich in history and cultural diversity, has much more to offer visitors. From charming cafés and picturesque streets to impressive museums, Hanover is the ideal starting point for discovering the world of Maxton Hall.

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