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Hannover Living: Club Nate von außen

Club Nate

Club NATE is the place for music, enjoyment, good drinks and relaxed people. Regular club nights are held here in the Tiedthof - directly opposite the Anzeiger tower block in the city centre.
Hannover Living: Dax Bierbörse

DAX Beer Exchange

The DAX BIERBÖRSE combines a cosy pub atmosphere with a gastronomic experience. In addition to the beer exchange, there are 3 club rooms for dancing and partying.
Hannover Living: Capitol Hannover


Experience a variety of events at the Capitol in the Linden-Mitte district. Originally a cinema, the location has been offering you unique events as a disco and live stage since the 1980s.
Hannover Living: Klub Pan

Club Pan

At PAN Hannover: 30 years of electronic music, house & tech house on Fridays, techno on Saturdays. Open, legendary DJs, world-famous entrance sign. Welcome to the heart of the electro scene!
Hannover Living: Broncos


Broncos: The fusion of bar and club. Dance, live acts and psycadellictrash beat parties for a sociable audience. Exclusive cocktails in a relaxed living room atmosphere. Your place to be!
Havana Hannover von innen


Experience Caribbean flair and Cuban cocktails at Havana. Located on the party mile, the club offers a unique beach club in the inner courtyard in summer. Unforgettable nights await you!
Cafe & Indiego Glocksee

Cafe & Indiego Glocksee

The two clubs Cafe & Indiego Glocksee have made a name for themselves with their spectacular live concerts and exuberant parties: the perfect location for cult club nights.
Hannover Living: Schwule Sau Hannover

Gay sow

The Schwule Sau is a project in the northern part of Hanover. Queer people and groups organise lively parties and bar evenings here for their own enjoyment and that of the community.
Hannover Living: Korn

UJZ Korn

Concerts, pub, Volx kitchen, discussions, readings! One of the oldest independent youth centres in Germany and as lively and active as ever.

Music Centre

Discover the vibrant centre of the music scene in Lower Saxony, packed with a recording studio, rehearsal rooms and support for up-and-coming talent. Be there while the beats are still raging!


LUXus is full on the ears here: Electro and indie pop on Fridays, funk, soul and hip-hop on Saturdays. Everything beyond the mainstream. Live performances round off the programme.
Hannover Living: Bei Chez Heinz

Béi Chéz Heinz

Experience the heart of Linden's nightlife at Béi Chéz Heinz. Parties, live music and moderate prices make your visit unforgettable. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where the night comes to life!
Hannover Living: Kulturzentrum Faust

Faust Cultural Centre

Discover changing highlights at the Faust cultural centre: live concerts, parties, readings and exhibitions. In summer, the Gretchen beer garden tempts you with sensational pizza.
Hannover Living: Baggi von innen

OSHO / Baggi

Baggi: Osho discotheque - 40 years of nightlife, diverse music, modern ambience. Perfect for legendary party nights. Experience unforgettable moments in this location steeped in history
Zaza Clubabend


Almost everyone in Hanover has partied at this iconic club behind Raschplatz. House, chart hits and classic party songs until the early hours!
Weltspiele innen

World Games

World Games: Bar, club, art gallery. Two floors, harmonised sounds, space for 500 guests. Local collectives on Fridays, club events on Saturdays. Pulsating beats, creative energy!
Monkeys Hannover


Experience music beyond the mainstream at Monkey's: deep house on Fridays, funk and soul on Saturdays. Small, fine and not at all foppish. Welcome to a unique world of sound!
Hannover Living: Cumberlandsche


Unagitated, authentic, stylish and contemporary evenings are created here with good drinks, a unique atmosphere and renowned DJs.
Hannover Living: Palo


Over 30 years of club culture at Raschplatz: Palo Hannover, your hotspot for excellent music, gastronomy and urban vibes. Celebrate in style in the city's red living room!

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