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North town
The district for individualists. The lifestyle in the district with Leibniz Universität Hannover right next door is relaxed.
Hannover Living: Gleis D Skatehalle

Track D Skate hall

A project to create space for sporting exchange for everyone: Here you can do your (first) laps on a BMX, skateboard or scooter.
Hannover Living: Hafven Lerngruppe

Hafven Coworking

For productive work and professional development, the modern coworking space Hafven offers flexible workspaces and a variety of events at two locations in Hanover.
Kiosk Quasim in der Tulpenstraße, Ecke Engelbosteler Damm von außen

Kiosk Qasim at E-Damm

No internet access at home? Need to make a quick copy or buy a USB stick? The Büdchen in Tulpenstraße is always well stocked with office supplies.
Uni Kiosk in der Callinstraße von außen

Uni Kiosk Callinstraße

Emergency centre for student flatshares: the Uni Kiosk in Callinstraße sells toilet rolls individually for one euro each. And it's also a good place to go if you have any other household emergencies.
Kult-Kiosk Onkel Olli's in Hannovers Nordstadt

Cult kiosk Uncle Olli's

Home-brewed beer for beer lovers: the Kultkiosk at the Lutherkirche has established itself as a popular specialist craft beer shop in the Nordstadt neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood video: Nordstadt and Herrenhausen

Cultural diversity and lively flair - Come with us on a stroll through the vibrant streets and experience the diverse architecture and lively art and cultural scene.
Cafve im Hafven

Cafve in the harbour

In the Hafven creative centre, you can work in the co-working spaces, organise events and workshops and enjoy good coffee and lots of tasty treats in the Cafve.
Hannover Living: Elfie und Ignaz

Elfie & Ignaz

The vintage boutique Elfie & Ignaz offers a wide range of second-hand clothing, from elegant coats to cool blouses, as well as refurbished pieces of furniture on more than 800m².
Liebes Café

dear.es Café

Cool sofas, relaxed atmosphere - lieb.es cultivates cosiness. Whether it's curries, quiches or smoothies, the team uses almost exclusively organic products and pays great attention to sustainability.
Hannover Living: Klub Pan

Club Pan

At PAN Hannover: 30 years of electronic music, house & tech house on Fridays, techno on Saturdays. Open, legendary DJs, world-famous entrance sign. Welcome to the heart of the electro scene!
Little H

Little H - The Cafe & Wine Bar

In the heart of Nordstadt: Little H - café and wine bar. Coffee during the day, fine wines in the evening. Varied dishes, large terrace, heated winter garden in winter. Little H - your city oasis.
Hannover Living: Klein Kröpcke

Little Kröpcke

Start your party night at Klein Kröpcke! Traditional enjoyment instead of trends awaits you here. Find your perfect drink with a matching snack - the ideal start to an unforgettable night!
Leibniz Universität Hannover

Leibniz University Hanover

Discover a wide range of study opportunities at Leibniz University Hannover. International exchange and career opportunities await you in a lively city with a high quality of life.

Bicycle café

The bike café is all about you: enjoy a wide range of coffee, tea and treats. Discover delicious cakes and refreshing drinks for an all-round perfect experience.

Kaiser Restaurant

In this traditional bistro, as old as your favourite football club, you can enjoy German cuisine with currywurst, beef roulades and sour kidneys. Immerse yourself in culinary experiences!


A charming 70s ambience with a cosy atmosphere awaits you in the S-Bar. Enjoy Mediterranean delicacies and irresistible burgers - the insider tip in the Nordstadt!

24 degree café

The 24grad coffee roastery opened its premises on E-Damm in 2009. With furniture from the 50s and 60s, it creates a sustainable, nostalgic ambience. Rediscover the history of coffee.
Jäger & Sammler

Hunter & gatherer

Looking for new chic? Dive into the exclusive fashion boutique and enjoy a rich haul of innovative styles for men and women - everyone will find their new favourite wardrobe here.
Hannover Living: Locorito


You can get the finest burritos & tacos at Locorito! The tortilla bar on E-Damm serves original Mexican burritos for every taste. Simply delicious & authentic.
Hannover Living: Korn

UJZ Korn

Concerts, pub, Volx kitchen, discussions, readings! One of the oldest independent youth centres in Germany and as lively and active as ever.

Music Centre

Discover the vibrant centre of the music scene in Lower Saxony, packed with a recording studio, rehearsal rooms and support for up-and-coming talent. Be there while the beats are still raging!
Weltspiele innen

World Games

World Games: Bar, club, art gallery. Two floors, harmonised sounds, space for 500 guests. Local collectives on Fridays, club events on Saturdays. Pulsating beats, creative energy!

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