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Coworking Spaces

Flexible workstations

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the modern working world.

Whether you are a freelancer, a new boost for all creatives in Hanover: the range of flexible spaces for inspiring work with others or alone has expanded enormously. Renting a workspace as required offers immense advantages: A change of scenery, seeing other faces and utilising the swarm intelligence.

A brief overview of coworking spaces in Hanover:
Arbeitsplatz im Coworking Space raumzeit


Raumzeit is a modern coworking space with flexible workspace solutions for every need.
Konferenzraum im HanQ


Work flexibly at HanQ, the central coworking space on the Lister Meile.
Hannover Living: Eisenwerk Hannover von innen

Ironworks 15/2

Eisenwerk 15/2 in Hanover offers ideal premises for inspiring seminars and creative events.
Hannover Living: Hafven Lerngruppe

Hafven Coworking

For productive work and professional development, the modern coworking space Hafven offers flexible workspaces and a variety of events at two locations in Hanover.
Coworking Space Halle 96 von außen

Hall 96

The Halle 96 coworking space on the former Hanomag site in Hanover offers inspiring spaces for creative minds and innovative ideas.

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