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Studying in Hanover

The Hanover location offers many training programmes for a successful start to working life as well as flexible opportunities for further training. 

Suitable programmes are offered by Leibniz Universität Hannover, Hannover Medical School, Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover and other further education institutions. The education on offer ranges from humanities and arts to sustainable, future-oriented degree programmes. There are also numerous dual study programmes, dual training courses and extensive further education opportunities.

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Wirtschaftsstandort Hannover

Specialists for Hanover

Due to the economic structure in the Hannover Region, there is a high potential for innovation and jobs. 

On the one hand, Hanover is one of the strongest insurance centres in Germany. With the headquarters of major national insurance companies and banks, the financial sector in Hannover is broadly based. On the other hand, the automotive industry in the region offers a branch of industry that makes Hannover one of the TOP5 automotive locations in Germany. 

Hannover also has an excellent position in the skilled trades sector and services in the fields of transport, logistics, communication, tourism and congress and event organisation are growing enormously. With the headquarters of Germany's largest tour operator, TUI, as well as Hannover Airport and a large number of catering establishments, Hannover has a wide range of job opportunities to offer.

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Wirtschaftsstandort Hannover

Modern working world

Hannover can be described as a future-orientated workspace in Lower Saxony. Progress, sustainability and efficiency can be recognised thanks to the urban life, innovative start-ups, stationary retail, good offers for work and leisure, green spaces and excellent accessibility for everyone.

The diverse university and research landscape with numerous coworking spaces provides a modern working environment that freelancers, start-ups and employees can use flexibly. This means that there are no limits to setting up a business in Hannover.

A wide range of advisory services and support programmes are offered to help implement individual ideas.

Wirtschaftsstandort Hannover

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