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Hanover: a city to fall in love with

Cover picture © Christian Wyrwa 

Hannover Living: Neues Rathaus Ausblick

Let us make your eyes beautiful

Hanover is not only worth a visit on Valentine's Day. We reveal where the city ignites its romantic aura, passion and magic. The best places for dates and flirting or where you can share time together with friends in the most beautiful Instagram scenery. Hanover is definitely a city to fall in love with - sometimes at second sight.

HannoIn love

Why wander far afield when Hanover can also boast picturesque bridges, seas of flowers and bathing bays. The city invites you to flirt in these places:

Hannover Living: Maschsee

Still waters run deep

Whether it's your first date or you've known each other for a while and are looking for some time out together, a walk around the Maschseea picnic on the east bank jetty, a tour in a pedalo or enjoying Hanover's skyline at sunset: The mix of big city feeling and recreational area around the water has turned many a head.

Hannover Living: Altstadt
Christian Wyrwa

Old Town:
Kissing under the mistletoe

Cosy cafés, alleyways with picturesque half-timbered houses, a wishing well in front of the Leibnizhaus and the lively Ballhofplatz in the heart of the city. Old town - a perfect flair for lovebirds. In front of the cultCafé Konrad By the way, there is a mistletoe path with the request "Please kiss here" ...

Hannover Living: Am hohen Ufer
Christian Wyrwa

On the high bank:
Love is a river!

The banks of the River Leine have established themselves as a new promenade. Many cafés and restaurants line the riverside promenade in front of the historic city backdrop. If you're lucky or patient, you'll find one of the countless outdoor seating areas on sunny days. On Saturdays, you can enjoy a romantic stroll along the Old town flea market and afterwards in the surfer's paradise line wave Watching athletes in skin-tight wetsuits.

Hanover shakes

Hormone cocktail in the brain? A cool cocktail is the perfect way to toast to love. Whether seductively sweet, sparkling fresh, full-flavoured or just with fruit: Hanover's bartenders provide their guests with sensationally sensual experiences.
Click here for a selection of cocktail bars with a wow effect.

Pelikan Bar

Pelikan Bar

The Pelikan Bar is a special place that fascinates guests with its historical beauty! In addition to delicious food and creative drinks, numerous events and activities await you.
Hannover Living: Der Schenker

The donor

First-class bar culture awaits you at Schenker. 20 signature drinks, 5 new creations every month, perfect flavour and a modern, friendly atmosphere. Enjoy unique cocktails!
Hannover Living: Cumberlandsche


Unagitated, authentic, stylish and contemporary evenings are created here with good drinks, a unique atmosphere and renowned DJs.
Hannover Living: Sauna

Experience package for couples

Get out of everyday life and routine and into a tingling feeling of happiness: we have put together an experience package that will tantalise your senses to make being freshly in love last longer. First you can sweat it out together in the sauna, then enjoy a scented journey, float in the fresh outdoor pool and later savour the luxury of a four-star hotel.

Hanover poses

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings. So why not share it? We've kept an eye out for the coolest snogging backdrops for you:
Hanover made for Instagram
Hannover Living: Ausblick von der Rathauskuppel
Hannover Living: Steinhuder Meer
Hannover Living: Maschseeufer
Hannover Living: Neues Rathaus
Hannover Living: Leibniztempel

Love greetings from all over the world

Self-praise stinks? Here we quote the praise of others.

Hannover Living: Testimonial GOP
We are Jacqueline and Wagner and together we are the Duo Rêve from Italy and Brazil. As an international pair of artists, we have specialised in high-quality aerial and roller skating performances. Our new act is a combination of both disciplines, between floor and air. Last year we were already in Hanover to work and in 2024 we will be there again for the GOP. We can hardly wait. The city has many charming cafés. One of our favourites is Markthalle, which not only has many different types of food, but also really good cappuccino. The city centre is perfect for a nice day of shopping. We discovered Sushi Berlin in the city centre. Delicious!
Jacqueline and Wagner
GOP Artists
Hannover Living: Nana
I'm Romina and I come from Soest, a tranquil little town in North Rhine-Westphalia. I was finally able to visit Hanover in December and was very impressed by the city. We visited several Christmas markets and we really loved them, especially the wishing well forest at the medieval market in the old town. We also went to the Herrenhausen Gardens at sunset, which are incredibly beautiful! You can definitely spend a whole day here and let your mind wander.
Romina Reinke
Travel blogger Travelmina
Hannover Living: Testimonial Metin
I'm Metin and I live in southern Turkey, where I'm very spoilt by nature. But Hanover shows a completely different and very special side to the landscape. That's why I always enjoy visiting my old home town. I love jogging along the Graft at Herrenhausen Gardens. The place exudes a wonderful sense of tranquillity and is simply unique in the world. Sometimes I just sit down on the grass on the reed-covered bank and let my gaze wander over the royal Great Garden.
Metin Celik
Room renter, Linus Apart in Dalyan, Turkey
Hannover Living: Testimonial Greta
Hey, I'm Greta Muti, I was born in Hanover and grew up mainly in the USA and Canada, but also in Italy. I now live in Milan. My great passion is rowing. I am a member of the Italian national rowing team and have already taken part in the Paralympics in Tokyo. Because of my special affinity for water, my favourite places to visit in Hanover are the Maschsee, the Ihme and the Lein descending canal. Hanover is a great water city. One day I want to row there early in the morning over a mirror-smooth water surface.
Greta Muti
Rowing Paralympics
Hannover Living: Testimonial Olli Perau
My name is Olli Perau, I am a singer, lyricist and composer. I was born in 1970 in the Kirchrode district of Hanover. So Hanover is my home, my roots, my family, my job and my leisure time. I love cycling through the city almost every day: Up to the Mittelland Canal, to the Anderter lock, from there towards the Lister marina. A little snack at the Heimat Hafen restaurant, a decommissioned pusher barge that used to sail up and down the Elbe. Then across the city to the Maschsee lake. There I take an inspiring walk through the Sprengel Museum. I have cake at the Anna Leine on the Hohe Ufer. From there, I watch the surfers on the Leine wave. In the evening, I have the best spaghetti alle puttanesca at Stromboli in Arnum.
Olli Perau
Duo Prime
We are Kateryna and Vladimir, together we are the duo Prime. In the GOP show Stylez! we perform hanging on the straps and also on the vertical rope. We've been to Hanover several times as GOP artists - it's a really beautiful city. We've visited lots of great sights with our son. We really liked the zoo. It's really special, not least because it's divided into different continents. It was really impressive. Reuniting with our colleagues at the Little Festival in the Great Garden is always something very special for us.
Duo Prime
GOP Artists