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Linden trees
On the right and left of Limmerstraße and around Linden's market square, life is bustling.
LINDENbackt! eG © hannover impuls

LINDENbackt! eG

Just a few steps away from the lively Limmerstraße, you will find the bakery of LINDENbackt! eG well hidden in the backyard. Find out more here.

Butjer Smashed Burger

Known from social media, you can expect juicy smashed burgers in a wide variety of creations, loaded fries and delicious beer at Butjer.
The Harp, Cheeseburger in der Mitte durchgeteilt

The Harp

Here you can enjoy unusual burger creations and loaded fries. The Irish Pub is very popular with burger fans and offers 15 different types of beer for an evening in the pub.
Stand up Paddling: Hannover

Stand up paddling on the beach

From May to September, whenever Strandleben is open, you can hire a SUP board at absolutely relaxed conditions or join one of the qualified supervised courses.


Regional, affordable, vegan & casual with class. Der Rüpel combines vegetable cuisine with a wine bar and serves innovative plant-based dishes for every taste.
Cafe V17

Cafe V17

In summer, the V17 is the place to go for speciality coffees and delicious homemade cakes, which you can enjoy on the sunny terrace while listening to good music.
Hannover Living: Hafven Lerngruppe

Hafven Coworking

For productive work and professional development, the modern coworking space Hafven offers flexible workspaces and a variety of events at two locations in Hanover.
Gül's Kiosk von außen

Gül's Kiosk on Limmerstraße

Sophisticated kiosk culture with 15 fridges: Gül's Kiosk caters for every flavour of drink. The local beers are particularly popular.
Unser Kiosk auf der Limmerstraße

Our kiosk on Limmerstraße

The small window to happiness: behind the hatch at the beginning of Limmerstraße, early risers and late-night revellers are served from 5am. Cheers to the Limmern!
Pfarrland Kiosk in Linden-Limmer, mit Sitzbänken und Bücherkisten

Pfarrland Kiosk in Linden North

At the Pfarrland Kiosk, people meet for a nice chat over freshly tapped coffee or hot chocolate with a shot. Regular customers traditionally enjoy their bottled beer at the covered bar tables.


The first electric karting track in Hanover and the surrounding area: the Kart-o-Mania - one of the most modern indoor karting tracks in northern Germany - promises a motorsport experience and adrenalin kicks.
Lasertag von innen

LaserTag City Hanover

LaserTag thrills young and old: at LaserTag City Hannover you can play the strategy game in different variations - as a single player or in a team. Don't get caught out!
Frau Zimmer Textilgalerie

Mrs Zimmer Textile Gallery

Here you'll find our own creations and individual fashion & accessories in high-quality workmanship by the designers Beata Foit & Marion Krüger: all made in Hanover.
Coworking Space Halle 96 von außen

Hall 96

The Halle 96 coworking space on the former Hanomag site in Hanover offers inspiring spaces for creative minds and innovative ideas.

Hannah Arendt

Experience the intellectual legacy of Hannah Arendt in Hanover and immerse yourself in the world of political philosophy of this influential thinker, whose ideas still fascinate and inspire today.
Tru Story

Tru Story

Discover one of the most beautiful stories at Schwarzer Bär: Tru Story, a cosy, authentic Asian restaurant. Enjoy mainly Vietnamese cuisine and a selection of sushi.
Små Schlicht

Små Plain

The café in Linden Nord offers Scandinavian pastries, gluten-free and vegan cakes as well as breakfast with freshly baked bread rolls and the finest spreads.
Hannover Living: Grapeful Deli

Grapeful Deli

Indulgence and sustainability are combined here. Grapeful Deli is a natural wine loft in the heart of Hanover-Linden.
Ihm Zentrum bei Nacht

Ihme Centre

The Ihme Centre in Hanover is a striking high-rise complex from the 1970s. Originally conceived as an urban development project, it houses flats, offices and shopping facilities.
Hannover Living: Capitol Hannover


Experience a variety of events at the Capitol in the Linden-Mitte district. Originally a cinema, the location has been offering you unique events as a disco and live stage since the 1980s.
Hannover Living: Broncos


Broncos: The fusion of bar and club. Dance, live acts and psycadellictrash beat parties for a sociable audience. Exclusive cocktails in a relaxed living room atmosphere. Your place to be!
Hannover Living: Der Schenker

The donor

First-class bar culture awaits you at Schenker. 20 signature drinks, 5 new creations every month, perfect flavour and a modern, friendly atmosphere. Enjoy unique cocktails!
Mio Mio Bar

Mio Mio

Mio Mio: Italian flair and Mediterranean classics. Enjoy vino with sea bream in fennel foam on the terrace. Tradition and innovation for a unique culinary experience!
Street kitchen

Street Kitchen

The purest Vietnamese food culture awaits you at Street Kitchen in the lively Limmerstraße: street food prepared in a variety of traditional ways - without glutamate or artificial flavourings.
Riva Wohnaccessories & Schmuck


Immerse yourself at RIVA: unique treasures await you - from enchanting tableware to cosy owl cushions. Discover the perfect gifts from "Green Gate", "RICE" and more.
Apollo Kino

Apollo Cinema

Discover a world of film in a class of its own at the Apollo cinema. Experience new releases and timeless classics. Be inspired by the arthouse cinema - for cinematic diversity and unforgettable moments.


Unrest Day awaits you on Thursdays at the Centrum, Linden's quirky living room. Find out what that means, be surprised and enjoy a wonderfully restless atmosphere!
Hannover Living: Osborne

Rias Baixas

Enjoy a variety of delicious tapas in Rias Baixas. Let yourself be seduced by the Spanish flair! Authentic, personalised and with lightning-fast service - a culinary experience for you.
...und der böse Wolf

And the bad wolf

"And the Bad Wolf" takes you into a world full of rock music and specialities. The motto here is: live and let live. Enjoy billiards, 96 fever and Hanover's Thai cuisine.
Hannover Living: Café K

Café K

Welcome to Café K! Enjoy the delicacies of a master confectioner here. Let yourself be spoilt by the self-created chocolates or the sensational cheesecake.
Lindener Berg

Lindener Berg

The Lindener Berg awaits you, 35 metres above the "Lindenspiegel". It's worth the climb: the beer garden, mountain cemetery, allotment garden colony, observatory view and jazz club offer plenty of variety.
Hannover Living: Bei Chez Heinz

Béi Chéz Heinz

Experience the heart of Linden's nightlife at Béi Chéz Heinz. Parties, live music and moderate prices make your visit unforgettable. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere where the night comes to life!
Corner Hannover von außen

Café Corner

Corner - your meeting place in the trendy Linden-Nord neighbourhood. Enjoy socialising at the stylish location on Schmuckplatz. Quality, sustainability and a unique ambience - welcome to the Corner!
Lindener Turm Hannover

Linden Tower beer garden

Lindener Turm: A historic jewel in the green heart. Under chestnut and fruit trees, you can enjoy currywurst, tarte flambée or fresh tomato and bread salad with a view as far as the Deister. A green idyll!
Ihme & Leine

Ihme & Leine

The ultimate trend in water sports. Stand-up paddling: get on the board and off you go. For example on the Ihme or Leine rivers or the Maschsee lake.

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