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Cafe & Indiego Glocksee

2 in 1 - Cafe & Indiego Glocksee

For more than 30 years, the "Glocke" has made a name for itself with spectacular live concerts and overflowing parties: the perfect location for cult club nights.

The two coolest clubs in the city, the "Cafe Glocksee'" and the "Indiego Glocksee", set the musical tone for Hanover, both for live concerts and parties. Internationally renowned bands and DJs play here as well as newcomers. The musical spectrum is immense and actually encompasses everything imaginable between doom metal, indie, pop, techno and punk.


Concert & party highlights

The programme of events is wide-ranging, with live concerts and parties taking place several times a month. You can find the programme at www.cafe-glocksee.de. There are also weekly event series with live music, DJs and lots of good humour:

At the "Ruby Tuesday" at Cafe Glocksee, various bands from all over the world will be performing live on stage, after which you can party until dawn.

The "Schmittwoch" at the Indiego Glocksee focuses on local live acts and works with a room concept that stands out from other events. After the performance, local DJs round off the evening.

In addition to the live music events, the Glocke regularly hosts parties on both weekend days, with the clubs sharing a common entrance area. Stylistically, the programme ranges from punk rock, neo-swing and electronica to indie, downbeat, hip-hop and singer/songwriter to soul, jazz, rock'n'roll, post-hardcore and new wave.


Open Air

For some party concepts, the large courtyard of the two clubs (the courtyard of UJZ Glocksee e. V.) is also used for open-air concerts and parties and transformed into completely new landscapes. This is where the summer festival takes place, for example, where local and international bands play.


Cafe & Indiego Glocksee
Cafe & Indiego Glocksee, © China Hopson


Cover photo: Performance by Egotronics at Cafe & Indiego Glocksee, © Leona Ohsiek

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