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Gottfried's Feinkiosk

Living room at the wishing well

It is a real gem on the Holzmarkt, in the centre of Hanover's old town in front of the wishing well and Leibnizhaus: at Gottfried's Feinkiosk, you can plop down in grandma's old upholstered armchair and enjoy pear punch, oat milk cappuccino or hip sodas. Owner Hüseyin Erhan welcomes his guests with style, sustainability and a unique atmosphere.

The selection is varied and sustainability plays a fundamental role. 90 per cent of drinks are available in glass bottles. Cups, straws and napkins are compostable. Numerous regional products such as beer and soft drinks come from Hanover and the region. However, delicatessen specialities such as wine from an exclusive Palatinate winery are also on offer.

Gottfried’s Feinkiosk, mit gemütlicher Sitzecke mit Stehlampe und Diskokugel
Christian Wyrwa

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Am Holzmarkt 6
30159 Hannover

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