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Scene meeting place, stand-up pub, coffee stand,
Mini supermarket - Hanover's colourful little stalls offer everything,
what people need.
Kiosk Quasim in der Tulpenstraße, Ecke Engelbosteler Damm von außen

Kiosk Qasim at E-Damm

No internet access at home? Need to make a quick copy or buy a USB stick? The Büdchen in Tulpenstraße is always well stocked with office supplies.
Uni Kiosk in der Callinstraße von außen

Uni Kiosk Callinstraße

Emergency centre for student flatshares: the Uni Kiosk in Callinstraße sells toilet rolls individually for one euro each. And it's also a good place to go if you have any other household emergencies.
Gül's Kiosk von außen

Gül's Kiosk on Limmerstraße

Sophisticated kiosk culture with 15 fridges: Gül's Kiosk caters for every flavour of drink. The local beers are particularly popular.
Kiosk zwischen Georgengarten und dem Großen Garten in der Herrenhäuser Straße 1

Kiosk at the Herrenhausen Gardens

Idyllic snack bar: Strollers, regulars and visitors to the Royal Gardens are served bockwurst, pretzels, soda and beer at the striking little house in the Georgengarten.
Kiosk Flacon in der Calenberger Neustadt von innen

Kiosk Flacon

Kiosk Flacon in Calenberger Neustadt is one thing above all: a neighbourhood meeting place! A dedicated Instagram channel provides information about events. And the selection of products is also enormous.
Kult-Kiosk Onkel Olli's in Hannovers Nordstadt

Cult kiosk Uncle Olli's

Home-brewed beer for beer lovers: the Kultkiosk at the Lutherkirche has established itself as a popular specialist craft beer shop in the Nordstadt neighbourhood.
Unser Kiosk auf der Limmerstraße

Our kiosk on Limmerstraße

The small window to happiness: behind the hatch at the beginning of Limmerstraße, early risers and late-night revellers are served from 5am. Cheers to the Limmern!
Pfarrland Kiosk in Linden-Limmer, mit Sitzbänken und Bücherkisten

Pfarrland Kiosk in Linden North

At the Pfarrland Kiosk, people meet for a nice chat over freshly tapped coffee or hot chocolate with a shot. Regular customers traditionally enjoy their bottled beer at the covered bar tables.
Kiosk am Kröpcke

Kiosk at Kröpcke

The classic kiosk stands on Kröpcke like a rock in the surf - in the middle of the thundering pedestrian traffic. Tens of thousands flock past it every day to stock up on snacks.
Gottfried’s Feinkiosk am Holzmarkt. Im Innenraum laden Omas alte Polstersessel zum Verweilen ein.

Gottfried's Feinkiosk

Stylish, sustainable and with a unique atmosphere: at Gottfried's Feinkiosk you can plop down in grandma's old upholstered armchair and enjoy pear punch, oat milk cappuccino or hip sodas.
Kiosk auf der Königsworther Straße mit Flaschensortiment im Fenster

Kiosk on Königsworther Straße

A small bench in front of the window at the little shop on Königsworther Straße invites the running public to linger.
Shisha-Sortiment im Kiosk Suleimann, Schaumburgstraße Herrenhausen

Kiosk Basil Suleiman

Fresh coffee for a chat: Kiosk Basil Suleiman in Schaumburgstraße supplies Herrenhausen with hot drinks, a wide range of shisha and a variety of flavoured tobaccos.

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