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The Steinhuder Meer

Variety for the senses: Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach or being active in sports at the CyclingWhether you want to go hiking or out on the water, the Steinhuder Meer has something to suit every taste - an incomparable blend of rural tradition and modern charm.

Those who enjoy shopping and going out will get their money's worth here, as will nature lovers looking for quiet seclusion. In short, the Steinhuder Meer is the ideal destination for unforgettable moments. 32 square kilometres of water surface, the meadows as a breeding and resting area and a Unique moorland landscape and maritime flair on the north or south shore - we show you the most beautiful spots and why the Steinhuder Meer is so unique.

For big and small adventurers

The nature park offers numerous nature adventures for children. Carving and weaving with natural materials encourages manual dexterity and reading tracks sharpens the senses.

Germany's largest Open-air dinosaur museum in Münchehagen offers more than 300 footprints that prove that herds of dinosaurs roamed our region 139 million years ago. On a 2.5 km circular trail, you can learn all about the fascinating development of life and the history of the earth and let off steam with exciting hands-on activities.

Adventure and excitement in the middle of nature are best experienced in one of the most beautiful forest ropes courses in Germany. There are 27 climbing stations between the treetops at a height of up to 12 metres, offering a suitable challenge for everyone. The SeaTree rightly promises holiday climbing fun for the whole family.

Vier Segelboote sind im Abendrot auf dem spiegelglatten Steinhuder Meer unterwegs.
Hans F. Meier
On the water

The shallow water depth ensures that the Steinhuder Meer is pleasantly warm. An absolute Eldorado for water lovers: Here you can bathe, swim, sail, surf, fish and much more to your heart's content. The Steinhude bathing island and the Mardorf bathing beach are absolute magnets, especially in summer. With a beautiful sandy beach and clean water, these beaches are popular with holidaymakers and Hanoverians alike.

Hundreds of sailors are out on the water, especially in summer and ice sailors in winter. And it has a history: the Steinhuder Meer is one of the most traditional sailing areas in Germany. Around 3300 boats can be found here on the north and south shores. In recent years, the lake has also developed into a centre for kitesurfers. If you prefer a more leisurely approach, you can hire a pedal boat or rowing boat from one of the many hire companies. On the water, you have a very special perspective of the lake - you have to experience it!

Im geschützten Hafen von Steinhude sieht man einige Boote. Am grünen Ufer befinden sich zahlreiche Restaurants.
Hans Zaglitsch
Around the sea

The huge lake, dunes, Mooremeadows and forests make the Steinhuder Meer one of the most exciting landscapes in the Hanover Region. At any time of year, you can experience a wide variety of flora and fauna here and, with a lot of luck, not only otters, but also Water buffalo discover. These have been working for some time as landscape conservationists in the sea meadows and are a unique eye-catcher!

For all those who want to experience adventures not only on the water, there are an incredible number of offers: Hiking, Riding, Cyclinggolf and minigolf - the possibilities are almost endless. Particularly worth mentioning, however, is the 600 km long cycle network with 16 well-developed routes. There is plenty to discover along idyllic villages and scenic landscapes. Monasterieswater mills and Various nature reserves give a perfect impression of the diversity of the region.

Hikers also have a wide variety of tours to choose from, for example along the Steinhuder-Meer railway line, through beautiful meadows and fields as well as the picturesque barn quarter with 12 listed half-timbered barns, in which interesting exhibitions and events can be visited today. One of the most popular trails, however, is the 32 km circular walk around the lake.

Mitten im Steinhuder Meer liegt die mit alten Bäumen bewachsene Insel Wilhelmstein. Auf Ihr befindt sich eine Festung und kleinere Steinhäuser, direkt am Ufer des Sees.
Hans F. Meier
Wilhelmstein Island

Welcome to the smallest inhabited island in Germany! A world of its own with an unrivalled history - that is our island of Wilhelmstein. Today, the fortress is a small museum that is well worth a visit. Next to it is a great island gastronomywhich boasts lovingly stocked picnic baskets, as well as enchanting little stone houses. In addition to the old fortress, there are small gardens, cosy paths and seating areas right by the water, from which you can marvel at the most beautiful sunsets on the Steinhuder Meer.

Tip: Overnight stays are also possible here. The renovated officers' houses make a weekend on the island a special experience.

In Mardorf liegen zahlreiche Segelboote an einem Steg. Kleine Wolken am strahlend blauen Himmel spiegeln sich im Steinhuder Meer.
Rainer Jensen
Unique excursions

Various day trips to the Steinhuder Meer are offered from Hanover in particular. A special highlight, however, is a Ride on the vintage bus of Bussanova from the 70s. On the way, the tour guide will tell you entertaining stories from the region and give you an expert guided tour of the fishing village. Of course, you will also go to the island - what else can you do? SEA wish?

Eine Aalräucherei in Steinhude. Von der decke hängen Netze und Reusen, an der Wand ist Buchenholz zum Räuchern aufgestapelt. Auf einer Kreidetafel an der Wand stehen verschiedene Spezialitäten, die man hier kaufen kann.
Hans Zaglitsch
Between tradition and modernity

There are many cultural highlights here: Castle and Monasterieslovingly run museums, artists' and craftsmen's markets. There is always something to see and experience here, such as the oldest weaving mill in Germany, a railway museum and the sculpture promenade.

Whether on the island of Wilhelmstein or on the lake stage - various events take place around Lake Steinhude throughout the year that will live long in the memory. Once a year, in August, Steinhude and Mardorf are transformed into a festival site, including a spectacular firework display with thousands of illuminated boats on the Steinhuder Meer.

In the Holiday region there are also some culinary highlights, such as many classics of German cuisine, a traditional sparkling wine cellar, a chocolate factory and Nienburg asparagus. But above all eel - a special delicacy! It is worth visiting one of the smokehouses, where visitors can experience live how the fish is turned into a real delicacy. Fish and fish sandwiches in all variations can be bought everywhere around the Steinhuder Meer.

Drei der dreizehn Fachverscheunen stehen hintereinander aufgereiht. Die Fassaden sind liebevoll restauriert, an einer wächst Wein und Stockrosen. Entland der Straße stehen hohe, alte Bäume die Schatten spenden.
Lars Gerhardts

The former fishing village has blossomed into a stately, recognised resort. Here you will find many leisure facilities such as the Nature Park Information Centre, the Butterfly farm and the Steinhude museums. It is also the perfect starting point if you want to go on a round trip or a trip to the island of Wilhelmstein. Our top tip: be sure to enjoy the legendary fish specialities here!


Mardorf is also a state-recognised resort, but on the north side of the Steinhuder Meer. The small village offers an impressive 5-kilometre lakeside path with restaurants, boat hire and jetties for sailing boats. The lovingly restored village centre with its half-timbered houses and small chapel is well worth a visit. There is also a charming little local history museum and the Nature Park House.

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