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Hanoverian moorland

Hanoverian moorland


We need more peatlands! These fascinating ecosystems are key players in global environmental protection. The Hannoversche Moorgeest shows how sustainable use and active protection preserve and promote biodiversity. More moorland means more for our environment.

For a long time, the moor was considered a mysterious and hostile place. The mysterious has remained, plus the knowledge of the ecological importance of the Hanoverian moorland. The moors offer Animals and plants such as cotton grass and sundew provide an important habitat and even store several times more carbon than the biomass of forests. Lower Saxony is the number one moorland state. Around 70% of all German raised bogs are located here. Some areas were placed under protection in good time, for example the Hannoversche Moorgeest.

Ein Hackschnitzelweg führt zwischen dem Moor und Feldern vorbei. Am Wegesrand steht eine Informationstafel. Es ist ein warmer Sommertag, die Felder blühen und der Himmel ist wolkenlos blau.
Lars Gerhardts
The moor adventure trail

On the Moor adventure trail in Resse you can actively experience the landscape - be it by treading peat, on the fescue grass bridge or relaxing on a landscape lounger.

The small circular trail is 1 km long and leads through the Otternhagener Moor, 350 metres of which are over a wooden footbridge. Along the way, there are display peat bogs, information boards and platforms, as well as adventure stations such as the mud pit, the fescue grass bridge and the landscape loungers. The short circular trail is ideal for an excursion with children.

To the north of the wooden footbridge is the large 2 km circular trail. The moor adventure trail then continues as a woodchip path, including to a dragonfly pond and along a real lost place: a once planned motorway route.

Zu sehen sind grün-rote Fleischfressende Pflanzen im Moor. Auf den Blättern liegt Morgentau.
©F. Toffel
Totes Moor adventure trail

Sky-blue frogs, a footbridge that leads over water lilies and carnivorous plants - The dead moor on steinhuder sea has a lot to offer visitors.

The nature reserve can be experienced in a particularly beautiful way on a 7 metre long adventure trail. Seven adventure stations explain the typical flora and fauna as well as the use of the moors and how this habitat is protected. In the summer months, the nature park offers Guided tours of the moor on. On the guided excursion, you will learn interesting facts about peat extraction, the recultivation of the moors and the fascinating landscape.

Did you know that male moor frogs turn blue in March and April or what the Steinhuder Meer has to do with a stomping giant and weeping dwarves? You can find out all this and much more here.

Tip: From the Großenheidorn tower you also have a panoramic view over the eastern shore of the Steinhuder Meer!

Im Informationszentrum MoorIZ sieht man verschiedene Wasservögel, die Teil der Dauerausstellung sind. Die präparierten Tiere werden hier in Schaukästen präsentiert. Im Hintergrund sieht man den natülichen Lebensraum.
Lars Gerhardts
MoorIZ - the moor information centre in Wedemark-Resse

Resse lies in the middle of the moors, which is why the new centre of the Hanover Moorland is ideally located here.

The MoorIZ is both an environmental information centre and an event venue. Among other things, there is a 100 square metre permanent exhibition on the history, flora and fauna of the raised bogs around Resse.

Zu sehen ist ein Moor in der Nähe von Hannover. Im Vordergrund sieht man wildes Wurzelwerk und Gräser. Im Hintergrund spiegeln sich kleine Birken im blauen Wasser.
Lars Gerhards
North Hanover Moor Route

Various hiking and Cycle paths make it possible to experience the moors north of Hanover. The longest of these is the 100 km themed cycle path "from moor to moor".

This connects all seven moorland areas in four stages. The route starts in the more urban landscape of the Altwarmbüchen Moor, past the Oldhorster Moor and out into the rural area around Resse with the most ecologically valuable moors of the Nordhannoversche Moorgeest nature conservation project. The highlight of the last two stages is the moorland at Steinhuder Meer.

Cover picture ©Lars Gerhardts

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