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Experience Hanover's diversity: A journey through city, countryside and culture

Experience Hanover and the Region up close! Accompany us on a virtual journey through the pulsating Neighbourhoods, discover the rich cultural scene in the museums and be inspired by the region's diverse excursion destinations. From historical Places of interest to hidden insider tips - our videos offer exciting insights into the history, life and natural beauty of this multifaceted region. Get ready to experience the city in a whole new way!

Hannover Living - Videos from the city
Hannover Living - Videos about museums

Hanover's museums part 1

with Landesmuseum, Sprengel Museum, Kestner Gesellschaft and Museum Wilhelm Busch

Hanover's museums part 2

with Museum August Kestner, Kunstverein Hanover, Museum Schloss Herrenhausen and Historisches Museum

Hannover Living - Videos from the region
Mitte and Calenberger Neustadt

Discover two unique neighbourhoods: In the pulsating Center the Ernst-August-Platz attracts visitors with first-class shopping in the Ernst-August-Galerie and the Niki-de-Saint-Phalle-Promenade. Feast your way through the Bahnhofstraße or stroll on to the legendary Kröpcke. In the Calenberger Neustadt, Hannover's largest island, combines urban flair with a relaxed Beach life on the banks of the Ihme and Leine rivers. Immerse yourself in the cultural scene and celebrate at the legendary festivals. Experience Hannover in all its different facets - from urban dynamism to a relaxed river idyll.

Nordstadt and Herrenhausen

In the North town a relaxed and tolerant attitude to life awaits you. Immerse yourself in the cosy cafés on Engelbosteler Damm or enjoy sociable hours around the Luther Church. And for nature lovers, the Welfengarten is the perfect place for a relaxed picnic. Herrenhausen enchants with its variety of parks and the pulsating Campus flair. Exciting nightlife options await you here in the form of quaint pubs, unique restaurants and special shops around the Herrenhausen market. Whether meeting up with friends, partying or shopping - Herrenhausen has something for everyone.

List and Oststadt

Discover the diversity of two unique neighbourhoods: In the List you can meet up over a good glass of wine and enjoy cultural highlights such as readings or concerts in the Pavilion experience. Oststadt, the most populous neighbourhood in the Mitte district, inspires with its pulsating energy between Hamburger Allee and the picturesque Eilenriede. Experience the lively atmosphere and diversity of these two unique neighbourhoods - an adventure that will enchant you.

Südstadt and Döhren

In the South town the green splendour of the Eilenriede with the relaxed atmosphere of the Maschsee. It's not just singles who feel at home here, as jogging along the lake is not only a great way to enjoy nature, but also to make charming acquaintances. Despite its tranquillity, Südstadt is increasingly becoming a centre of attraction for students. Döhren, on the other hand, surprises with its exciting history. Where once there were farms and blacksmiths, today life pulsates in a variety of shops, cosy cafés and historic residential buildings from the Wilhelminian era.

The Red Thread

Discover Hanover on your own! Since 1970, the Red Thread has taken you to 36 of the most fascinating Places of interest of the city. Follow the line, painted on the ground, past historic churches, the New Town Hall and even the colourful Nanas. The route starts opposite the main railway station and ends at the "tail" of Ernst August's equestrian statue. The Red Thread is not just a walk, but an adventure through the history of the city.

Hanover's museums part 1

State Museum, Sprengel Museum, Kestner Gesellschaft and Museum Wilhelm Busch

Experience the diverse world of museums in Hanover with us! Discover the city's rich history and art scene, from the impressive collections in the Landesmuseum to the contemporary masterpieces in the Sprengel Museum. Get to know the Kestner Gesellschaft, where tradition meets modernity, and be enchanted by the humorous works in the Wilhelm Busch Museum.

Hanover's museums part 2

Museum August Kestner, Kunstverein Hanover, Museum Schloss Herrenhausen and Historisches Museum

Continue with the video about the Museum August Kestner, the Kunstverein Hannover, the Museum Schloss Herrenhausen and more. But take note: The Historical Museum will remain closed for the time being, as it is currently undergoing a makeover! Look forward to our virtual tour of these cultural treasures.

Horse region around Hanover

Fantastic riding terrain, cosy half-timbered farms, a large number of riding clubs and businesses, plus sights and leisure activities - this is our Hanover horse region, right in the heartland of Hanoverian horse breeding. Our communities Burgdorf, Burgwedel, Isernhagen, Langenhagen, Uetze and Wedemark all have one thing in common: they are horse-friendly towns and communities in which equestrian tourism is particularly favoured.

The deister

20 km south-west of Hanover in the Calenberg country is the perfect spot for a day trip to the Cyclist and hikers. Up to an altitude of 405 metres, there is plenty to see here: imposing manor houses, beautiful village churches and historical treasures along the way. The towns of Barsinghausen and Wennigsen are known for their culturally and historically significant Monasteries. And last but not least, the traces of coal mining provide an informative change of pace. If you want to find out more about the local animal species, the best place to go is the Bison enclosure jump - Ideal for a trip to the Deister with children of all ages.

The Steinhuder Meer

Variety for the senses: Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach or being active in sports at the CyclingWhether you want to go shopping, hiking or out on the water, Steinhuder Meer has something to suit every taste - an unrivalled blend of rural tradition and modern charm. Those who enjoy shopping and going out will get their money's worth here, as will nature lovers looking for quiet seclusion. In short: Steinhuder Meer is the ideal destination for unforgettable moments.

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