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Ten beautiful quotes from bloggers about Hanover

Hannover Living: Neues Rathaus Hannover

Wandertooth (Canada) "The Red Thread is a brilliant idea, and I wish more cities would adopt it. It's actually a painted red line in Hannover's city centre that will take you past 36 of the city's best attractions. At each attraction, there's a number painted on the thread that corresponds to a number in Hannover [...]

Stain tease

Flecken necken Website

Conny writes about travelling with and without children, about day trips and weekend getaways on her blog "Flecken necken". She is always on the lookout for beautiful places, travel destinations and excursion destinations - in other words, "nice spots". She visited Hanover with her family in the summer by chance and she says that she was admittedly impressed by [...]

From near & far

Von nah & fern Website

Von nah & fern is a travel blog that is all about fashion and lifestyle. Maike is the founder of the blog Von nah & fern. She has been blogging mainly about fashion & lifestyle for over 5 years and has now also become a professional (advertising) writer. Now she is dedicating herself to the topic that has been [...]


Hannover Living: NIEDblog

NIEDblog is the travel blog for couples! Sandra and Alex went on a "world trip" in summer 2013 and have been reporting virtually from the most beautiful spots on earth ever since. As a travel blog for couples, the two of them focus on holidays with a special charm, e.g: Holidays with a connection to nature (from the jungle to the mountains to the sea) romantic city trips [...]

Men's style

Männerstyle Homepage

Männer-Style deals with lifestyle topics of a modern man. Sebastian visited Hanover and writes about his very personal experiences with lifestyle and food in Hanover. Sebastian from Männer-Style is 29 years old. On Männer-Style he is dedicated to the lifestyle topics of a modern man. He regularly publishes articles on fashion, grooming and lifestyle. The main focus [...]


Travelbird Website

Linda works for the travel company TravelBird and recently started a travel blog. She has written about the upcoming Fete de la musique and how beautiful it is in Hanover. Her introductory words are: "In Hanover, the event is a little smaller, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful." But read for yourself and be inspired by the beautiful [...]

Style Nomads

Stilnomaden Website

The Style Nomads consist of three young personalities who spend most of their lives travelling. Kris from Stilnomaden visited us in Hanover. Stilnomaden is a travel blog that focuses on design and urban culture. These three bloggers don't head for the classic tourist spots, but prefer to take a look behind the scenes, talk to [...]


Smaracuja Website

Nina blogs at Smaracuja. On this blog, she shares her love of travelling, photography and design. Nina visited Hanover and shares her stay with us in her article. Nina lives in Berlin and has been a full-time traveller since 2013. As a small-town girl, she was bitten by the wanderlust bug early on. In addition to blogging, photography [...]


4pologize Website

Jovana from 4pologize visited Hanover and captured her impressions of the city on her blog with lots of beautiful pictures. Jovana visited Hanover in August 2016 and tells you, among other things, about the journey in a bicycle taxi. Her statement: "Anyone who decides to travel to Hanover, I recommend [...]


Hannover Living: Stilshot

Karin from Stilshot visited Hanover and gives you good tips on how to experience Hanover in one day. Karin describes "Hanover in a day" on her blog. She was out and about in the Old Town, on the Lister Meile and at the Maschsee. She captures her stay in Hanover in many beautiful pictures. Here [...]


Planet Hibbel Website

PlanetHibbel is all about travelling with the family. Nadine enjoys travelling with her husband and children and has already visited Hanover. Nadine Diz Freire travels a lot with her family, her husband and her two boys. The small patchwork family are Europeans at heart with German, [...]

Part-time traveller

Teilzeitreisender Website

Janett from Teilzeitreisender visited Hanover and shares her experiences with us on her blog. Janett is the founder of the blog Teilzeitreisender.de and has always been a big fan of short breaks. She loves creative and crazy travel, motorsport and road trips. As an expert in travelling on a budget, she can certainly give you some good [...]