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Budget Traveller (Great Britain)

The British travel blog travels to a wide variety of cities around the world and they are closely scrutinised. Kash was on a visit to Hanover.

"I had been warned in advance. - By the Germans themselves."

These words can be found at the beginning of Kash Bhattacharya's blog post. He has been sharing his adventures and experiences travelling for 6 years on Budget Traveller. What he was told about Hanover: The city is boring! It is likely that he did not travel to the capital of Lower Saxony with too many expectations due to the biased comments. He is told, for example, that Hanover is primarily seen as a trade fair city or is totally boring and grey.

But the travel blogger prefers to see for himself whether the city really deserves its reputation as a boring city. And that is not the case: he is proved wrong! Kash was in the June 2013 visiting Hanover for 48 hours.

Click here for the blog post: www.budgettraveller.org

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