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Ten beautiful quotes from bloggers about Hanover

Hannover Living: Neues Rathaus Hannover

Wandertooth (Canada) "The Red Thread is a brilliant idea, and I wish more cities would adopt it. It's actually a painted red line in Hannover's city centre that will take you past 36 of the city's best attractions. At each attraction, there's a number painted on the thread that corresponds to a number in Hannover [...]

Reisgraag (Netherlands)

Hannover Living: Reisgraag

Anique would like to convince you with her article that it's a good idea to pay Hanover a visit. Anique travelled to the New Town Hall, the Herrenhausen Gardens and the Old Town. As she followed the Red Thread through the city, she got to know the various sights of Hanover and was thrilled. Here it goes [...]

Stain tease

Flecken necken Website

Conny writes about travelling with and without children, about day trips and weekend getaways on her blog "Flecken necken". She is always on the lookout for beautiful places, travel destinations and excursion destinations - in other words, "nice spots". She visited Hanover with her family in the summer by chance and she says that she was admittedly impressed by [...]

Reishonger (Netherlands)

Reishonger Website

A Dutch travel blog that gets to the heart of the blog's content: Hunger for Travelling (Reishonger). Jessica visited the Christmas market in Hanover. As the name suggests, Reisehonger deals with "hunger" and the desire to travel. Jessica Groenestijn was captivated by the pre-Christmas atmosphere at the various Christmas markets in Hanover. [...]

Culy.nl (Netherlands)

Culy Website

This blog is about food. In every variety and all over the world. Joyce from Culy.nl was on a visit to Hanover. Joyce Bieldermann from Culy travels through the most diverse cities in the world and tastes her way through the many cuisines of the many bars and restaurants. She loves to try new dishes and tasty [...]

Vetexbart (Belgium)

Vetexbart Website

Bart is Belgian and writes down all the impressions he makes on his travels in his blog. He has already visited Hanover twice. Bart Melis is a Belgian travel blogger. He blogs on Vetexbart almost everywhere he can: On the plane, on the tarmac, on long as well as short city breaks. He is [...]

The Quirky Traveller Blog (Great Britain)

The Quirky Traveller Blog Website

Zoë from England blogs about art and literature in exciting places on The Quirky Traveller Blog. She was visiting Hanover. At The Quirky Traveller Blog you will find various articles about interesting places and unusual activities in the UK and other countries. The blog has a touch of history, art and literature. Zoë [...]

Mafengwo (China)


Hailyu from Mafengwo is a Chinese travel blogger. He was visiting Hanover. Hailyu Zhang from mafengwo was a journalist at the travel magazine "Across" and has already worked with various tourism agencies. Today he is a freelancer, speaks good English, has a lot of travel experience and good reporting channels, be it social media or print. Hailyu Zhang was in December [...]

Weibo (China)

Hannover Living: Weibo

Sina Weibo is the largest Chinese microblogging service. CUI Xiangming from Sina Weibo visited Hanover. CUI Xiangming is a Chinese travel blogger who is interested in cities as well as their culture and nature. He has travelled to over 50 countries and over 400 cities and regularly writes blogs about his [...]

Budget Traveller (Great Britain)

Bugettraveller Website

The British travel blog is travelling to a wide variety of cities around the world and taking a close look at them. Kash was visiting Hanover. "I had been warned in advance. - By the Germans themselves." These words can be found at the beginning of Kash Bhattacharya's blog post. He shares his adventures and experiences that [...]

Travelweekly (Great Britain)

Travelweekly Website

As a British blog, Travelweekly provides all the useful information a travel professional needs. Joanna Booth from Travelweekly visited Hanover. Joanna Booth from Travelweekly explored the capital of Lower Saxony in 48 hours and set off in search of British traces in Hanover. Travel Weekly and TravelWeekly.com are the most influential B2B news resources for the [...]

Travelexperience (Switzerland)

Travelexperience Website

Inge from Travelexperience comes from Switzerland and prefers to stay in fancy and/or luxurious hotels. She was visiting Hanover. Inge is a Swiss travel journalist with her own travel blog. Her blog is mainly aimed at travellers over 30 who are travelling as a couple, who have already done tent holidays and backpacking and prefer to stay in attractive, sometimes [...]