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art in public space

Art belongs on the street here!

Works by renowned artists, such as the Nanas by Niki de Saint PhalleYou will find them on almost every corner. Over the decades, more than 200 sculptures, sculptures and installations have been placed in urban spaces.

You can see them, for example, on a free tour of the Sculpture Milearound the New Town Hall, between Aegi and Raschplatz or between Leine and City explore.

Off to the cult tour through Hanover! Free and outside.

You can find out more about art in public spaces here:
Visit Hannover - Art in public space

Also exciting: the project BUSSTOPS of the public transport company. Nine renowned designers and architects, such as Frank O. Gehry, created extraordinary bus shelters.

Hannover Häuser mit Graffiti

Culture for free

Are you interested in art, like graffiti and want to discover Hanover on your own? Then you'll find culture for free here, i.e. free and exciting topics about art and culture in Hanover.

Hannover Living: Busstops Steintor

Hanover's design stops

A total of nine fascinating interpretations of the bus stop theme take waiting for buses and trains in Hanover to a whole new level. Each stop tells its own unique story.

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